Powerful data logging, that any grower can afford.

Smartphone & web-enabled data-logging, from just $445 + $0/month ex-GST
TainData Panorama

Smartphone & web-enabled data logging, from $445 + $0/month ex-GST

Reads soil moisture, temperature, rainfall, soil conductivity and more

No mandatory recurring charges

Works outside cellular network coverage areas

The TainData Tierra

Soil & Environment Data Logger

The TainData Tierra Soil Moisture Data Logger features...
  • 1 SDI-12 Input
  • for SDI-12 soil probes such as Aquacheck, EnviroPro and Sentek

  • 4 Voltage Inputs
  • for temperature sensors, volumetric soil water content sensors, humidity sensors, pH sensors, water depth sensors, and more

  • 4 Tension Block inputs (with Tension-block Upgrade)
  • for Watermark soil tension sensors or Malvic gypsum blocks

  • 2 Switch/Pulse inputs
  • for tipping bucket rain gauges, irrigation flow, and more

  • Runs on rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries
  • which last for over 12 months per charge with normal use

  • 115KB Memory
  • which stores hourly readings for over 6 months with average use (less for an SDI-12 probe with many sensors enabled). All retrieved data is stored permanently in the cloud.

  • 2-Year Hardware Warranty & Support
Price without cloud data storage:
$445 + $0/month ex-GST
Price with cloud data storage subscription:
$445 + $9/month ex-GST
Price with bundled 7 years cloud storage:
$995 ex-GST
TainData Panorama

How does it work?

Step 1 - Set up Tierra by sending configuration from smartphone or tablet, and start automatic logging
Step 2 - Use smartphone to retrieve data from logger whenever convenient
Step 3 - Smartphone automatically sends data to web
Step 4 - Data can then be viewed on any other web-enabled device

Why choose the Tierra?

Reads SDI-12 probes, tension blocks, voltage inputs, pulse inputs and more

A single Tierra unit reads all common soil and environmental probes and sensors: SDI-12 soil probes, tension blocks, temperature sensors, volumetric water content sensors, rain gauges, and more.

Works outside cellular coverage areas

The Tierra's memory stores data for weeks or months. When data is retrieved by the smartphone app, data is stored on the phone. If it's outside cellular range, data is sent to the web when internet access is next available.

Smartphone App Works with Apple & Android phones & tablets

The Tierra is compatible with iPhones (4S and later), iPads (3rd Gen and later) and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

Desktop data viewer app runs on any desktop computer or tablet

TainData's Panorama desktop app runs in a web browser, and works on Windows, macOS or Linux computers, and iPad or Android tablets.

Allows access for any number of users

Allow access to interrogate logger and view data to any number of users, whether they be inside your organisation or external consultants.

No mandatory recurring charges

The Starter plan offers 4 weeks' data storage, free of charge. Long-term data storage requires a monthly or annual subscription. Discounts are available for multi-year upfront data subscriptions.

Supported sensors, probes and measurement devices

EnviroPro® Soil Probes (SDI-12)

The EnviroPro continuously monitors volumetric soil moisture, soil temperature and soil salinity at intervals of 10cm, to depths of up to 1.6m.

The EnviroPro's design employs techniques to compensate moisture measurements for variations in salinity, as well as compensating moisture and salinity measurements for temperature variations.

More info: EnviroPro Soil Probes

This product is available from TainData.

AquaCheck Probes (SDI-12)

The AquaCheck sub-surface soil moisture probe offers volumetric soil moisture measurement and soiltemperature measurement.

Probes are a available between 40cm and 120cm, with sensors spaced at either 10cm or 20cm, with a maxiumum of 6 depths per sensor.

More info: AquaCheck Probes

Watermark 200SS Soil Tension Blocks

The Watermark sensor is a solid state electrical resistance sensing device that is used to measure soil water tension, which indicates the force required for plants to extract moisture from the soil.

The Watermark 200SS sensor is most suited to light, sandy soils.

More info: Watermark 200SS Soil Moisture Sensors

This product is available from TainData.

Malvic Gypsum Blocks (Tension Blocks)

Gypsum Blocks have been used for several decades to measure soil water tension, which indicates the force required for plants to extract moisture from the soil.

Gypsum Blocks are most suitable in deficit irrigation, or in heavy, slow-draining soil.

This product is available from TainData.

Temperature Sensors (Voltage)

Temperature sensors can be used to measure air temperature, canopy temperature, soil temperature and water temperature. As the Tierra can read from up to 4 voltage inputs, up to 4 different temperatures can be read by a single Tierra logger.

Operating range is -10°C to +80°C.

This product is available from TainData.

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

In a tipping bucket rain gauge, collected rain is funneled into a bucket-like container on a see-saw mechanism. Each time the container fills up, the see-saw 'tips' and sends and electical pulse to the Tierra logger.

The Tierra's pulse inputs can read read signals from a variety of tipping bucket rain gauges, including:
HyQuest Solutions TB4
Spectrum Technologies 3655R
Davis Instruments 7852

These products are available from TainData.


•   Relative Humidity Sensors

•   Solar Radiation Sensors

These products are available from TainData.

Model Comparison & Pricing

  Tierra 2 Tierra 2 + Tension
SDI-12 Inputs
for EnviroPro & Aquacheck soil probes
1 1
Voltage Inputs
for Temperature, Humidity, etc
4 4
Pulse Inputs 2 2
Tension Block Inputs 4
Smartphone data retrieval
Upgradeable to Radio Telemetry
Price with no long-term data storage
Data stored for 4 weeks
$445 ex-GST $495 ex-GST
Price with monthly data subscription $445 + $9/month ex-GST $495 + $9/month ex-GST
Price with annual data subscription $445 + $99/year ex-GST $495 + $99/year ex-GST
Price with 7 years' data bundled $995 + $0/month ex-GST $1095 + $0/month ex-GST
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